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Minimum 1 hookah for 2 people for a maximum of 2 hours.. Any mixes with premium flavours will be charged as premium

If you require assistance with the hookah please let a member of our staff know. Moving/touching the hookah could result in injury.                                                                                                                                                                                 .

Apple Grapefruit Orange
Berry Guava Orange Cream
Blueberry Gum Peach
Cherry Kiwi Pineapple
Citrus Lemo Pomegranante
Cinnamon Gum Liquorice  Strawberry


Coconut Mango Strawberry Cream
Fresh Melon Vanilla
Grape  Mint Watermelon





Bluemist Pina Colada
Bubblegum  Rose
Cheesecake  Saffron
Cream Mint  Sex on the Beach
Ice Lime Tropical
LR Special White Gummy Bear
Mikes Special

White Peach 

Irish Peach Queen Of Sex
Sex Blue Melon Love 66
Hawaii Lady Killer


Fruit Head $74 Ice/Disposable Hose $5 Redbull/Juice Base $5 Milk Base $7


116-3787 Canada Way, Burnaby | 778 898 9817


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